A confession is a public statement made by a person or group of people that communicates a fact, story, or incident that individual or group has kept hidden until the moment of sharing. A confession typically provides information that is private in nature and operates from the understanding that the speaker is sharing something the listening party is not previously aware of. A confession could be made of wrongdoing, but can also be the sharing of deep matters within the heart and soul that have never before been told.

This place is slightly unkept, because that is who I am. I wash my hair as needed (read: twice a week.) and my clothes go from floor to body on the regular. Also, I love sarcastic humor. Get ready.

This place is honest. We all need the freedom to fail because failure brings growth. No mountain was ever formed without an earthquake.

This place is a community. There are amazing people in this world and I’ve gotten to know a few of them. Their stories need to be told.

These are the happenings of my life, my journey, my people. God’s people.

These are my confessions.